3-D Post-Processing Outsourcing Service

Advanced 3-D post-processing of CT and MRI images has become indispensable to clinical practice. However, hospitals face enormous challenges to implement high-quality, cost-effective 3-D post-processing solutions which can meet the ever-growing clinical demand. Everest Digital Medicine is an independent post-processing center with specially trained radiologists and technologists, state-of-the-art workstations, and validated clinical 3D protocols. We work with our clients to integrate advanced medical imaging technologies into their patient care.

Benefits to Clients
  • Low cost, scalable turn-key 3-D solution
  • 24/7 availability & short turn-around time
  • Specialized workforce & high post-processing quality
  • Client's technologists can focus on CT/MRI scans
  • Expand into sub-specialty reading services
Regulatory Compliance

Data transmission on our HIPPA-compliant network is encrypted with sophisticated algorithms. Image data is anonymized prior to transmission from the hospital, then stored at our data center with 24/7 security and back-up. Our radiologists process the images without knowledge of patients' identities